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The Best Horror Games To Keep You Up at Night

Your complete guide to scary games

Anyone who loves horror movies and horror cinema as well as gaming knows that both things are even better when combined into a truly scary game.

Good horror games mix elements of fear, the supernatural, science fiction, and suspense into one enthralling world or worlds to explore.

Whether you are looking for the best free horror games, the best horror experiences on steam, the best PC horror games, the best indie horror games, or the best horror experiences on Playstation, Xbox, or your console or gaming platform of choice.

Why do people play scary games with a survival horror experience?

There’s something to be said for the adrenaline rush of being scared while you conquer new worlds and vanquish demons, killers, aliens, or other dangerous creatures.

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Image Credit: EA

In this guide, we’ll break down the ultimate scary games list.

Best Survival Horror Games

horror game

Village: Resident Evil is the next generation in the franchise and the evil will be rising in 2021.

Resident Evil 8: Resident Evil Village

The latest release in the Resident Evil franchise is a first person survival that continues the story of Ethan Winters as he tries to rebuild his life with wife Mia, but everything is disrupted when the legendary hero Chris Redfield shows up and the horror – and the desperate need for survival – returns with a vengeance.

best horror games

“I don’t look like a ghost, do I?”
-Maria, Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

best survival horror games
Image Credit: concept by Eric Persson

Perhaps the best known and definitely one of the most frightening horror games, all of the Silent Hill games have been well-received and considered some of the defining games of the horror gaming world.

The Silent Hill games also marked a shift in the horror genre, because they emphasize the psychological aspects of game play as opposed to gore and a jump scare level design.

They became popular because they don’t just startle you or gross you out with blood and guts; instead, aspects of the Silent Hill games get into your head and stay there whether you want them to or not.

If you want to try your first game in the Silent Hill realm, opt for Silent Hill 2 and pyramid head, a cult classic with a horrifying experience that uses tank controls.

“Embracing imperfection, steering into the skid, is perhaps the only way a game can be perfect, and that’s Silent Hill 2’s true, dark brilliance.”

Perhaps the ultimate proof of Silent Hill’s ability to terrify its players?

The games were adapted into a successful movie that opened at number one in the U.S. box office and made over $9 million in its first year.

And the game is more frightening than the movie – and even more engrossing.

The Resident Evil Franchise

top horror games
Image Credit: Resident Evil 2 (Jan 2019 remake)

No survival horror experience with fixed camera angles would be complete without mentioning the Resident Evil franchise and game designer Shinji Mikami?

good horror gamesImage Credit: Resident Evil 2 (Jan 2019 remake)

Originally released in Japan under the title Biohazard, the games under the Resident Evil umbrella have been some of the most popular horror games and they are Capcom’s best selling titles.

All those players can’t be totally wrong, right?

Resident Evil 2 with Leon Kennedy is currently the most popular and widely considered to be the most terrifying of the trilogy, which got a stunning remake in 2019.

Resident Evil is a horror classic that brings you back to the police station.

best new horror games
Image Credit: Resident Evil 2 (Jan 2019 remake)

These games have also been turned into a movie franchise; in fact, the Resident Evil series of films is the highest grossing collection of movies based on a video of all time, earning over $1.2 billion worldwide.

Alien Isolation

space survival games
Image Credit: Feral Interactive

Based on the popular Alien science fiction movie series, Alien Isolation is one among other FPS games combine sci-fi with horror in an extremely unique way, combining stealth skills and survival tactics that require you to outsmart a single alien creature.

It has a vintage aesthetic (think about what people in the 70s thought the future would look like and you get the idea) and was widely praised for its retro futuristic design when it was first released and there have been many games since that have emulated the unique style of Alien Isolation.

good survival games
Image Credit: Feral Interactive

This first person horror fest allows you to inhabit the mind and body of Amanda Ripley (daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies) who learns that the flight recorder from her mother’s flight has been recovered from her mother’s ship – and so she sets out to learn the truth and gain closure – and of course encounters many obstacles along the way.

Ridley Scott should be proud of Alien Isolation, it is truly an excellent game.

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From technical problems that require you to enter an abandoned space station on your own (and it was abandoned because it was taken over by alien creatures) to actually fighting Facehugger aliens, androids, and more, this subtly unnerving game and its complex plot can really hook you in and keep you entranced until you beat the game.

If you really want to see how scary this game can get and you have a virtual reality headset, then check out the unofficial VR mod versions of Alien Isolation and prepare to be immersed in a terrifying quest (who wants to do this? No one).


Amnesia – The Dark Descent by Frictional Games

best horror video games
Image Credit: Amnesia

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play Indiana Jones in a horror movie, then you should check out this adventure by Frictional Games if you haven’t already.

The main character Daniel has to avoid monsters and other frightening creatures while exploring the haunted Prussian Brennenberg castle.

His amnesia comes into play when he realizes that he remembers nothing but his name and that he is from London, but through the game’s journey he uncovers his own diaries and slowly pieces things together.

best horror games 2021
Image Credit: Amazon

Amnesia – The Dark Descent has received significant positive acclaim and even won two awards from the Independent Games Festival.

And if you want to extend the world of the game even further, Mitch Hedburg wrote a collection of five short stories set in the realm of Amnesia- The Dark Descent.

“…this gothic horror adventure is a relentlessly intense and terrifying experience from start to finish.”


scariest video games
Image Credit: Amnesia

10 years after the release of the acclaimed Amnesia – The Dark Descent, starts a new chapter into the realm of scariest video games.

Your journey starts in the the Algeria desert.

Just like Christopher Nolan’s Momento, you need to trace your past memories, except in this game you have an evil lurking ready to fest on you.

Amnesia – Rebirth is a must play, and well worth the 10 year wait.

Check out the trailer below.


scary games to play
If you liked The Blair Witch Project (the game, the movie, or both) then you might love playing Outlast by Red Barrels.

It’s based in an asylum – which is always a ripe breeding ground for horror of any kind – and filled with gore, jump scares, and a gameplay loop.

The primary protagonist is an investigative journalist who is delving into the story behind a remote psychiatric hospital, and there’s an add-on pack called Outlast- Whistleblower which centers around the man who inspired the journalist to check out the asylum in the first place.

Outlast 2 is also another horror gem.

“Easily one of the scariest I’ve ever played.”

Soma by Frictional Games

horror games 2021
Image Credit: Microsoft

This might not be a frightening subject matter game in the traditional sense, but if you have even the slightest bit of thalassophobia (fear of the deep ocean), then some stretches of this game will be downright unnerving.

It takes place in an underwater research facility called Pathos II and things start to get creepy when the machines take on human characteristics.

The game is played from a first person perspective, using the POV of Simon Jarrett, a man who found himself in the deep water lab under mysterious circumstances.

He must uncover clues to his past while fighting off the various creatures that lurk in the shadowy depths.

Frictional Games built it to be more on psychological horror as opposed to gore or jump scares, Soma has been praised for its tight focus on the central narrative and voice acting.

“…slowly-unfolding story, and the choices you live with, make the experience one that will stay with you for some time, the ending hitting all the right notes.”



best horror games xbox one
Image Credit: Steam

A first person shooter game where the enemies are not always human is unsettling enough, but add some ghost children who appear at the most inopportune times and things get downright uncomfortable.

There are also times when objects start to move on their own (think poltergeist-style) and there’s even a telepathic cannibal to contend with.

As if the creepy dead little girl who tends to appear right after the protagonist has escaped from a shootout wasn’t enough!

“F.E.A.R. is quite easily one of the most intense and atmospheric games that you’ll play… “

Dead Space

scariest games
Image Credit: BurningStickMan

The Dead Space series, developed by Visceral Games, are perhaps the original and most influential games in the horror sci-fi survival genre.

Set in an interstellar space mining ship, Isaac Clarke has to navigate their spaceship and fight reanimated corpses or Necromorphs playing as an engineer who was left abroad an abandoned spaceship.

Designed to be “creepier and darker” than Resident Evil but created by the same team, this game utilizes “strategic dismemberment” and has received criticism for its high levels of violence and body horror.

Dead Space can also still be played on the Xbox 360.

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“…inventive puzzle-solving and fierce boss-battles, scary atmospherics round off a fine game.”

Condemned – Criminal Origins

2021 horror games
Image Credit: Steam

Anyone who loves solving murder mysteries should be playing this game that combines elements of horror with a block and melee style of shooting or fighting.

It does have some campiness at the beginning (think overly staged murders like what you’d expect from a game of Clue or one of those murder mystery “who-dun-it” type of books or movies), but it quickly descends (or ascends, depending on your perspective) into a combative and spooky game with homeless people who attack your character (Ethan Thomas), and bloody trails that you follow with a black light, and even a department store filled with enemies dressed as discarded mannequins – or maybe the old mannequins themselves have to life?

“An art-form of amazing psychological horror which has not been replicated to this day.”

Fatal Frame

point and click horror games
Image Credit: Eurogamer

The Fatal Frame series of games is ideal for anyone who has a Japanese horror bent (so if you loved The Ring, Ju-On, The Grudge, and similar films, then these might be the games for you).

This game is often compared to popular titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but the multiple variations have only been released in Japan so it has yet to receive worldwide recognition or popularity.

Which Fatal Frame is the scariest?

Fatal Frame from worst to best.

Other notable mentions to try are Pathologic 2 (TinyBuild Games), Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, The Evil Within (Tango Gameworks), Metro Exodus, The Evil Within 2, Ju On, System Shock 1, System Shock 2, Clock Tower, Slender Man, Five Nights at Freddy’s – voice by Scott Cawthon (wiki), and Fear 3.

Co Op Horror Games

co op horror games

How long will you survive?
7 Days To Die

Is there anything better than escaping the real world and experiencing the pure adrenaline rush of playing a game for a few hours?

Perhaps playing it with friends and other heart racing game aficionados!

We’ve collected some of the best co-op horror titles out there if you want to experience terror alongside your fellow gamers.

7 Days To Die

coop horror games
Image Credit: The Fun Pimps

Imagine if the Minecraft realm was combined with Left For Dead, The Walking Dead, and other similar horror games, and you have 7 Days To Die.

You have to choose and fortify a home, collect food and supplies, and fight off the dead.

“This game is the best Zombie FPS that I have ever played, it has a great mix of building and survival.”

Resident Evil 5

co-op horror gamesImage Credit: Steam

Years after surviving the apocalyptic events in Raccoon City, Chris Redfield steps into the role of Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), Chris goes to Africa to investigate a new breed of aggressive mutants.

Along with Sheva Alomar, this co-horror game has lots of tasks and creatures to fight.

I bought it just to see Chris punching a boulder

Watch a gameplay video of RE5.

Dead Island

best co op horror gamesImage Credit: Steam

With the depiction of a deceased child in the opening trailer, the game developers spared no expense for mix of blood and gore.

Fight on the zombie-infested island of Banoi, a fictional place that looks like its the start of sequel to the 2004 hit Dawn of the Dead, you’re going to need a companion to help you out.

While the game received generally lukewarm game reviews, the atmosphere and gameplay is considered solid.

Check out the controversial trailer below.

The gameplay is stunning, fast-paced and a whole lot of fun.


World War Z

horror coop gamesImage Credit: Playstation

Based on a book from 2006, World War Z is an open world fast paced survival video game against a world full of aggressive zombies.

From New York to Paris, you and your co op partner have six classes of specialized skill sets, like explosives and slashing weapons.

Although the main goal of the game doesn’t go beyond surviving the zombies, the game is praised for its visuals and shooting mechanics.

Here’s a quick video review.

Multiplayer Horror

multiplayer horror games

“I am The Curator. The Curator of Stories. Stories of love and hate… greed and beauty… life… and death. Stories such as this one.”
-The Curator, Man of Medan

Dead By Daylight

best horror game
Image Credit: Behaviour Interactive

This intriguing multiplayer game involves a one on four scenario where one of the five players is the ultimate ruthless killer, while the other four are just trying to survive and avoid being sacrificed to the Entity.

Dead By Daylight also has downloadable expansion characters from several popular horror movie franchises, including Scream, Stranger Things, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Left 4 Dead, Nightmare On Elm Street, Evil Dead, and Saw.


scary multiplayer games
Another deceptively cute game, Visage (video game) has a unique aesthetic that also plays on the trope of children being the most unsettling characters in the horror genre.

A first person survival game that is set in a haunted house where many families have lived and terrible things have clearly occurred, Visage was launched via Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns.

To win (or just survive), Visage players have to piece together the history of the house and solve the crimes that have occurred while avoiding the many haunted spirits that lurk within.

“Visage is a terrifying experience that feels like what Silent Hills could have been.”

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man Of Medan

scary video games
Image Credit: Playstation

This interactive survival is designed from a third person perspective; players choose to play as one of five different people trapped on board a ghost ship.

The game advances through decisions made based around a moral “Compass” (e.g. making a choice with one’s head versus one’s heart will bring about a different result).

The game’s narrative changes based on these choices, how the characters relate to each other, and even whether characters live or die.

The “Dark Pictures” aspect comes in when players find pictures that hint at what might happen to them in the future and help to uncover the mystery of the ghost ship.

Multiplayer options include “Shared Story” and “Movie Night”, the former allowing two people to play together online, and the latter allowing for up to five players to play together.

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The Red Dead Redemption Franchise

top scary game
Perhaps one of the biggest breakout hits of the past decade, this series of open world games takes place in the American West and Mexico during the era of cowboys and gunslingers – the outlaws of the Wild West.

All three games in the franchise – Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption, and Red Dead Redemption 2 – exist in different areas of the same universe.

This multiplayer game has shootouts, robberies, hunting, saloon girls, and more; it’s based on a unique “honor code” that allows players to earn points through their deeds.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was the second most successful launch in gaming history with $725 million in sales, and it is the most successful video game of all time with 29 million copies sold (so far) and numerous awards.

horror multiplayer games
While it is definitely not a scary game in the traditional sense, getting the Undead Nightmare expansion pack definitely makes it one; plus after completing the “real world” version of the game, you can unlock supernatural creatures to hunt.

“…if you’re craving a well-polished zombie-filled package of fun, here it is.”

Psychological Horror Games

Layers Of Fear

There’s always something spooky about old Victorian-style mansions, and in Layers of Fear by the Bloober team things get extra creepy when you play as a mentally ill painter whose goal is to complete his ultimate masterpiece while living in a decades old house.

The game has extremely dark and dim visuals, and takes six chapters or quests to complete – but there are three different possible endings (a “good” ending, a “bad ending”, and a “true ending” depending on the choices you make during the game.

“Layers of Fear goes into the mind of an insane artist and creates a horror game magnum opus.”

Alan Wake

best steam horror games
Image Credit: Steam

If you love suspenseful novels with a horror vibe, then you might love – or already love – Alan Wake.

This first person game involves becoming the best selling novelist Alan Wake who is investigating the death of his wife all the while events unfold that echo the stories from his latest novel – a novel that he has no memory of writing.

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Doki Doki Literature Club

scary games unblocked
Image Credit:

This anime-inspired visual novel might seem too adorably cute to be a horror game, but looks can definitely be deceiving.

At first glance, Doki Doki Literature Club appears to be a fun dating simulator based around a male high school student who joins a literature club with four female members, but it quickly turns into a multi-layered psychological fear game that can end in one of three different ways.

Created by American developer Dan Salvato as a way to explore his love/hate relationship relationship with anime, Doki Doki Literature Club is a departure from the other games on our list since it doesn’t feature gruesome or terrifying things attacking the main character, but relies on mental manipulation to subtly unnerve its players.

Blair Witch

top 10 scary games
Image Credit: Steam

Based on the surprise indie hit horror movie The Blair Witch Project, this first person single campaign survival takes place in the same setting as the film, the Black Hills forest.

This first person survival game follows police officer Ellis Lynch and his dog Bullet.

They are scouring the forest searching for a missing boy; along the way, players will have to fend off creepy creatures who are hiding in the shadows and solve puzzles.

Like the film, “found footage” is integrated into the game-play in the form of cassette tapes and more.

There are four different possible endings or fates for the lost little boy based on the decisions that you make during the game.

“Blair Witch is easily one of the best psychological horror games…”



scariest games of all time
Image Credit:

One of the weirdest (and scary short) horror fests out there, this “playable teaser” game was a first person single player puzzle game that primarily served as a teaser or preview for the upcoming release of Silent Hill.

That said, it became somewhat popular in its own right due to the complicated puzzles that were designed to take players about a week to complete – making this anxiety-inducing cryptic game a very long preview!

In collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro, this was also the final game developed by Hideo Kojima under Konami, who went on to start Kojima Productions.

Interested in watching the hype?

Unless you own a PS4 with the demo downloaded, this game was pulled by Konami, and PS4’s with the demo are selling for a premium on Ebay.


spooky games
Image Credit: Playstation

If you love the X-Files, Twin Peaks, or the House of Leaves (or all of the above), then control might be the type of creepily unsettling game that you’ll love to dive into.

Developed by Remedy Entertainment Games, The story is centered around the fictional “Federal Bureau Of Control” which is a fictional agency tasked with studying the paranormal and supernatural.

Players use a third person perspective to play as and defeat “Hiss”, a phenomena that has invaded and corrupted reality as it is currently known.

Explore the spirit world

Other notable mentions for a good psychological game is The Medium and Kitty Horrorshow, a pseudonym of an independent video game developer.

Horror RPG Games

Horror RPG Games

The young Viola visits a mysterious house in the woods.
She soon discovers its dangerous nature and must find a way out.
But the house is ever-changing, and death could be lurking anywhere…
The Witch’s House

The Witch’s House

This puzzle oriented game is based around the story of a witch named Ellen (there’s also a comic book series and a manga based around the same character).

The goal of this night vision game is to solve all the puzzles as the protagonist Viola and make your way out of the witch’s house alive.

The Witch’s house game is full of riddles, puzzles, and jump scares, all contained within a creepy atmosphere.

It has two endings, the “good ending” and the “true ending” with surprise reveals.

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Mad Father

This survival puzzle horror game is based around the story of a shy eleven year old girl called Aya who discovers her father’s secret laboratory and the horrifying background behind his research which involves experimenting on and killing humans in the basement, as well as the fact that he’s been having an affair with a homeless woman named Monika.

However, things get stranger once Monika passes away.

Aya uncovers the narrative of this game only gets more twisted from there.

Horror Games Online

horror games online

“I’ve always felt alone. My whole life. For as long as I can remember. I don’t know if I like it or if I’m used to it, but I know this; being lonely does things to you.”
-Simon, Cry of Fear


scary online games
Over fifteen years of creepy gaming experience went into building this Lovecraftian interactive fiction horror game.

It takes place in a New England town where the main character uncovers a plot to summon the “Great Old One” with an ancient ritual that could put the entire planet at risk.

“Incredibly rich and memorable – not for the difficulty navigating, or for the puzzles, but for the immersive experience it provided.”

Best Horror Games on Steam

scariest games on steam

“My wife left me.” The Forest game review
-Ice, gamer

Friday The 13th

jumpscare games
The classic horror movie gets even creepier when it’s turned into a scary game.

You can play as Jason and get truly diabolical, or team up with a group of friends for a co-op horror game experience to find supplies and fix a car to escape the serial killer.

The Forest

best horror
Image Credit: Steam

This co-op interactive horror game is a four player (or single player co-op game) where the main protagonist is a man that must rescue his son that was kidnapped by crazed cannibals while also building a base and avoiding or fighting giant mutants.

Oh, and all of that happens after a traumatic plane crash.

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Left 4 Dead 2

best horror games on steam
Image Credit: Steam

Left 4 Dead 2 is a co-op first-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on survival using a variety of crafted weapons against a horde of the infected (zombies).

Left 4 Dead 2 is set in the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic of an infectious disease that turns humans into aggressive zombies out for blood.

“Even after more than 10 years, this game is still relevant!”

Free Scary Games

free scary games

“Where’s my baby?”
-Strange woman in the street, Bongcheon-dong GhostImage Credit:

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

This short game or webtoon is a Korean horror drama that features a lot of jump scares, 3-D effects, and became viral partially due to a scene where a hand appears to reach out of the screen and grab you.

This 2011 release went viral when it was promoted by popular blogger PewPewDie.

Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets

This first person shooter game places you in a small village that is being terrorized by the iconic creepy figure known as the Slenderman, the subject of many movies, books, and other media over the years.

Your job is search the village for clues and find and destroy Slenderman – and keep yourself alive along the way.

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Slendrina Must Die: The Forest

Similar to Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets, this first person shooter pits you against the mysterious Slenderina who lives in a forest with her mother and child.

However, you don’t necessarily need to destroy her – rather, you must find the seven clues that allow you to unravel the mystery behind Slenderina.

SCP Containment Breach

A free open source indie horror game is based on the paranormal fiction series from the SCP Foundation website, SCP Containment Breach puts you in the shoes of a human test subject – D-9431 – who is in a lab facility full of dangerous experiments and creatures.

There has been a security breach and the goal is to escape at any cost.

Roblox Horror Games

Roblox Horror Games

“I have lots of names! One of them is HER” -White Face, IMSCARED

Image Credit:

Horror games are some of the most popular types of games on Roblox, Steam, and other indie game platforms.

What’s more, since Roblox games are playable on iOS, Xbox One, Android, and various Amazon devices, checking out popular Roblox horror game titles is super easy and likely doesn’t require a new console or other device.


With a tagline of “where light becomes your weapon”, this game gives you a torch and a pistol with the goal of killing a nearly invisible monster.

You can play alone or with a friend via the various Roblox gaming platforms.


Originally a free casual horror game, IMSCARED was released as a full game in 2016.

Characterized by a distinct and purposefully crude style, this indie game is referred to as a “sentient glitch” with outside files to interact with once you download and start playing the game.

Watch a playthrough:

Indie Horror Games

indie horror games

“There will be blood.”
-Mr. Crow, Cube Escape

Image Credit: Steam

Cube Escape – Paradox

steam horror games
Image Credit: Steam

This game follows the story of a detective who finds himself trapped in a room where he must solve increasingly complicated puzzles that will help escape the room he’s trapped in and recover his memory, allowing him to return to his seemingly normal life.

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Lone Survivor

survival games on steam

Designed by Jasper Byrne (who was responsible for turning the beloved Silent Hill series into highly playable 2D versions), this is a game where not only is the main character subject to wandering dark corridors surrounded by creepy beasts of all varieties, but players can’t be sure they are actually the good guys in its terrifying world where they are the only living human (or so one thinks).

VR Horror Games

VR horror games

The taker of old souls; his work is to harvest the weak, decrepit and those near to death. It is said that he tortures his prey: first through mind games, disorientation and stress; then the real pain begins with physical abuse delivered from hellish flames.
Ronove, a demon from The Exorcist: Legion VR

If you are lucky enough to have an Oculus Rift or VR set-up, then you know that horror games can get even more creepy and immersive once you are completely ensconced in the game’s world.

From scary games created specifically for virtual reality to unauthorized mods that make some of the best horrors work with VR, read on to discover some of the creepiest video games out there at the moment.


Imagine attempting to navigate complicated mazes while also being stalked by some truly disturbing monsters who aim to surprise and shock you.

This game is quickly becoming a virtual reality classic due to the fact that it is easy to jump in and play Dreadhalls – but incredibly hard to walk away from.

The Exorcist – Legion

The Exorcist is perhaps one of the most terrifying scary movies of all time, so it only goes to follow that the virtual reality game version is equally terrifying.

Set in the same world as the original Academy Award winning film, this game requires a strong stomach and will definitely make an appearance in your dreams – or nightmares – long after you’ve completed it.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Horror Puzzle Games

horror puzzle games
Image Credit: Tarsier

Little Nightmares

scary games to play with friends
Image Credit: Tarsier

A puzzle platform game that is relatively quick to play through (compared to some of the other games on our list), this game plays on the common horror movie trope of super creepy children – but are they really the most terrifying ones?

In this game, the main character – called Six – wakes up on Maw, a ship filled with powerful and creatures. At the end of the first release of the game, Six is still awaiting rescue…but perhaps we’ll find out the rest of her story in the next iteration.

There will be a sequel to Little Nightmares to be released on June 25, 2021 featuring a new character named Mono in addition to the original protagonist Six, so check out more from the official website.

“This is a horror game that genuinely has new things to show you.”

The Walking Dead Franchise

scariest horror games
Image Credit: Skybound

Fans of the zombie-centric TV show The Walking Dead will definitely want to check out this gruesome game series.

While many of the games on our list of the greatest horror games are centered around puzzle solving, The Walking Dead focuses more on plot and character development.


scary puzzle games

This weirdly quiet puzzle platformer game involves playing the role of a young boy who lives in an unnerving dystopia, with an end goal of freeing a humanoid creature called the Huddle from the scientists who created him.

There are two different endings, a main one that is more positive, and an alternate ending that is much creepier.


creepy games
Image Credit: Playstation

This sci-fi adventure-puzzle game lets players control the artificial intelligence that runs a space station with the goal of figuring out why it suddenly lost its crew.

Players work with SAM – the system administration module – on board the ship to figure out what went wrong and how to make things right.

This game was described as “expertly paced” by Destructoid and “gripping” by Game Informer, making it one of the more compelling puzzle games out there right now.

“Old science fiction meets New Weird in this 2001: A Space Odyssey homage.”


Horror Games PC

horror games PC

“I don’t intend to stay here for long.”
-Bachelor, Pathologic

Image Credit: Steam

Pathologic Franchise

Originally developed in Russia, this single player game centers around three characters (two male, one female) who are trying to discover the source of a disease referred to as the “sand plague” that struck a small town.

Players can choose to play as any of the three characters, but there is only one common storyline and the end goal of all three is the same – to simply survive.

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best pc horror games
This point and click game is incredibly atmospheric and has a way of sticking with you even when you’re not actively playing it; fans of movies like Alien or Event Horizon and any other horror or psychological thrillers based in outer space should check this game out.

The game opens with the protagonist John Maracheck waking up abroad a seemingly abandoned spaceship, where he has to find his missing wife and daughter before the ship descends into Neptune’s methane clouds.

Described as an “eerie and sinister experience” by Destructoid, this game was originally funded and released via Kickstarter in 2015, and a prequel to Statis called Cayne was released in 2017.

“It’s more than just “good for an indie game”, it’s a mandatory experience for fans of sci-fi horror.”


Best Horror Games PS4

best horror games PS4

“This is the safe room, Em!”
-Mike, Until Dawn

Until Dawn

This interactive drama survival horror game made by Supermassive Games focuses on eight characters who have to survive by their wits when they are exploring Blackwood Mountain.

best horror games ps4
Set in 1952 Japan, this game was designed to be the video game equivalent of common slasher films.

It’s played from a third person perspective and users can essentially choose their own adventure, finding weapons and solving puzzles to find clues that will possibly lead them to safety.

“It’s a remarkable experience that horror fans shouldn’t miss.”


ps4 horror games
An intriguing game set in a fictional Victorian city that is suffering from a blood-borne illness, this survival horror game is focused on uncovering the mystery behind the plague while also fighting mythical beasts.

This game’s interconnected world design, sound design and audio design, and unique plot and atmosphere have lead to critical acclaim and even a few spin-offs including a card game and a comic book series.

“…excellent action, beautiful artistry, and religious melodrama make it another must-play in the Demon’s Souls tradition.”


Best Horror Games of All Time

best horror games of all time
  1. Resident Evil 4
  2. Bloodborne
  3. Amnesia: Dark Descent
  4. Soma
  5. Outlast
  6. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (VR)
  7. Dead Space
  8. Alien Isolation
  9. P.T.
  10. Silent Hill 2

Games that almost made the list: Resident Evil 2 Remake, Silent Hill 3, Layers of Fear, The Last of Us, Siren: Blood Curse.

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